Tub & Countertop Refinishing

Don’t Replace, Refinish!!

Bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing and ceramic tile refinishing can extend the useful life of your existing bath and kitchen fixtures for up to 15 years or more.

You no longer have to rip out your worn out or cracked bathtub.  You can change that outdated fiberglass or cast iron bathtub and tile color for a fresh, new look.  You don’t have to replace those ugly, burned, or deeply scratched laminate countertops.  We like to say, “Fix What You Own!”

With our system, we can permanently repair and refinish cracked, leaking, chipped, scratched, or peeling bathtubs and showers.  We can even make your badly damaged countertops look brand new.  All at a fraction of the cost of replacing! And we will customize colors for you. Old countertop will look like granite in just 2 hours

REAL ESTATE SERVICE SYSTEMS LLC, is proud to provide bathtub and countertops refinishing solutions that brings surfaces back to life and make them look like new!

This is a far more economical alternative to complete than a tub replacement, offering savings of as much as 70%.

Refinishing Technology we offer are the highest quality and very durable

We use a great method developed specifically for the high use surfaces.
Acrylic urethane coatings and adhesive primer and additives we use are the bathtub and tile refinishing industry’s leading coatings.

Our chemicals are far more improved

–  Prevents Moisture Penetration

–  Advanced Adhesion

–  Great Gloss Retention

–  Scratch Resistance

With such high quality and effective acrylic urethane coatings and adhesive epoxies at the ready, we can turn the most distressed tubs and tile into masterpieces! ( see out gallery for details)

We Offer:

– Standard 24 hr. refinishing process

– Eco-Friendly 4 hr. refinishing process

– Odor Blocker and Scents

– White or almond solutions for tubs, tiles, floors, sinks

– Multistone (granite look) colors for surround walls, floors, counter tops, vanities, back splashes, accents walls and more. In high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

– Permanent “built-in to the finish” anti-slip features for tubs and showers.


Our Eco-friendly version not only meets U.S. EPA standards for volatile organic compound emissions, but cures in 4 hours.

The secret to this coating system’s durability lies in the unique resin-rich layer that forms on top of the coating as it is applied and reaches cure.

What you see cosmetically as a super high gloss finish and superior distinction of image is actually is a barrier layer that makes GREEN-TECH highly resistant to impacts, chemicals, and moisture. These topcoat is also 100% UV resistant and colorfast.


Our topcoat coating cures in 4 hours by utilizing the latest advances in curing agent technology. Sophisticated compounds deliver more superior impact, scuff, stain & water resistance at 4 hours than traditional mega-cure products on the market.

This “Quick-Cure” system gives our clients a distinct edge by ensuring finished surfaces are cured and ready to return to service, which leads to long-term coating life and satisfied customers.

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We also manage a wide network of contractors who provide services to meet any repair and maintenance need.

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