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Carpet is often the third largest investment for a homeowner and property manager and must be maintained. We achieve excellent cleaning results with hot-water extraction. This process is commonly known as steam cleaning and the end cleaning results are remarkable. We can remove 90%-95% of water soluble spots and spills, in addition to those unsightly soiled traffic lanes. We also can remove stubborn stains that you thought were permanent, including ink, coffee, pet urine and red stains.

Our 6-Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Vacuuming. Soil that accumulates in carpets typically consists of gritty and abrasive sand and/or dry particulate matter. This soil is insoluble in water, which makes pre-vacuuming before anything else the first step to remove it. This is done with a commercial grade vacuum. Dry soil contributes to the wearing of a carpet by physically cutting and scratching carpet fibers resulting in dull appearance. It is estimated that 79% of the soil in most carpets is dry particulate soil.
  2. Pre-Conditioning. The remaining soil in your carpets is composed of oils, greases, starches, etc. This type of soil is acidic by nature and will require an alkaline cleaning detergent to neutralize it. If you understand the science of the pH-scale, you will have an idea of what’s happening here. We will pre-spray your carpet with an alkaline pre-spray to emulsify (loosen) soil from the carpet fibers. In laundry terms, compare this step to adding a scoop of cleaning detergent to your laundry load.
  3. Pre-Spotting. We will pre-spot any stubborn spots or food spills on your carpet fibers.
  4. Agitation. We will rake the pre-conditioning into the carpet fibers so that all sides of the carpet fibers are reached by the cleaning agent. We will then allow the cleaning agent ten or fifteen minutes of dwell time for the cleaning agent to take effect.
  5. Hot Water Extraction. This is the step you will most likely be most familiar with. This is where the major effort our technician, equipment and cleaning agent takes place. This step will fully remove the used solution and suspended soil from the surface, leaving the carpet fiber clean, fresh and residue free. This critical step is the reason all major carpet mills recommend this process because the used solution and soil is completely removed from the carpet fiber.
  6. Carpet Grooming. Lastly, we will groom and reset the nap of your carpet with a carpet rake or brush for a faster drying time.

We offer specialized STAIN REMOVAL for most synthetic, organic and petroleum based stains. Examples include coffee, blood, pet stains, ink and red dye stains. This service is optional, so please ask your technician for a no-obligation estimate. Due to the many variables involved for specialized spotting.

Our DRY CLEANING  process is designed to give carpets a deeper, longer-lasting, healthier clean without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. Using the natural cleaning properties of carbonation, we are  able to lift the dirt from deep in your carpets to the surface where it can be whisked away, resulting in both a deeper clean and increased carpet life. Our process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, which allows your carpets to dry in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days. This also lowers the risk of mold and mildew growth that can result from the excessive amount of water used by most steam cleaners. Great for hallways cleaning


Burns, stains, fading and tears are all a fact of life with flooring, but proper carpet repair can bring them back to life. Most of the time, this involves patching a damaged piece of textile with one in better condition. The process doesn’t take long, assuming the damage isn’t widespread, but it does take skill and specialized tools. Because of this, it’s best to hire a professional that can get the job done without incident. Botching the process may cause more damage, or require more material than should really be needed.

IF the carpets cannot be saved, we also provide carpet replacement.

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